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Ever since Erica Penk saw the movie Toy Story she wanted to explore animation and voice her own characters which set her down a path toward film and realtime technology.  Although both artistic and technical, she focused more on the technical side of the industry initially.  

Erica Penk started Ericana Productions when she was ready to explore the power of inner healing through the arts for teenage girls.  The name Ericana (rhymes with Americana) is a combination of the names Erica and Ana, meaning gracious and merciful ruler.  She does not claim to be Mary Poppins or perfect in every way, but whether she is working with teens, teaching Unreal Engine, previsualizing a scene, editing, acting, singing, dancing, or recording voiceover, she strives to lead from a place of grace and mercy with the help of the Holy One.

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Picking up from the previous Sequencer lesson, I add a new asset to the ongoing animation sequence: the spawnable. By the end of this lesson you’ll have a deeper understanding of good Sequencer practices and some new tools to add to your arsenal.

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I start off by giving you a sneak peak of the finished animation from this lesson. After setting up the project, I go over Sequencer terminology, user interface, and basic concepts while forcing you to think about your project pipeline. Then I take you through the animation example, beginning with a review on basic viewport navigation and ending with a fully rendered animation sequence.

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Today, I will look at how director Tom Hooper uses movement and space to reflect Bertie’s emotional state while building tension to best serve the climax of the film.

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