Zayden’s Wish is probably the project I’m most proud of from my time at Trick 3D.  We took a boy with a congenital heart condition to Saturn, something not possible without the help of virtual reality.   The live event took place at Dobbins Air Force Base and I was someone tasked with ensuring nothing went wrong on the big day.

We had rehearsals for the rehearsal.  We packed in and out VR equipment, playtested and playtested some more.  Some early testing revealed that Zayden was comfortable with the VR technology, phew!  We also learned that Zayden really enjoyed countdowns and repeating activities again and again, which especially affected the controls and the sound design (interestingly enough).  We even managed to livestream the entire VR experience next door to friends and family hiding in the wings.  It truly was a magic moment!